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Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP Security) certification program at Skalers Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a professional level certification. It is intended to make students fit for the current industry trends.

Holding CCNP Security certification under your belt validates your skills needed to test, deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot the Cisco network security appliances and the Cisco IOS Software devices that comprise your network’s security. It qualifies you for the role of Cisco Network Security Engineer accountable for Security in Routers, Switches, Networking devices and appliances, as well as choosing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNS, and IDS/IPS solutions for their networking environments

CCNP Security professionals are considered to be experts in maintaining and managing security in network devices like routers and switches. The course trains you on configuring firewalls, VPNs, IDSs/IPSs along with its deployment and maintenance of such solutions.

CCNP Security certification training is a comprehensive course that combines four modules which becomes essential to qualify for anyone targeting to acquire this prestigious credential. This CCNP Security training at Networkers Home has been specifically designed keeping in view the current market trends and is in line with the official curriculum stated by CISCO. CCNP security certification program covers in detail each of the following four modules to make certain that the participants are able to gain deep insights about implementing Security concepts using and in CISCO devices.

CCNP Security program at Skalers Infotech Pvt. Ltd. comprises of a Composite Course Curriculum so that enable the IT aspirants to clear the following Four Cisco Exams:-

* Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions (300-206)
* Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (300-208)
* Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (300-209)
* Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (300-210)

Course Objectives:-

Upon course completion and earning of the CCNP Security certification, a participant is able to:
* Understand and deploy Cisco ISE and 802.1X secure access techniques.
* Implement and manage network access security using Cisco Identity Services Engine.
* Configure advanced Security solutions to reduce external threats and secure network devices.
* Implement Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Web Security, Cloud Security and Email Security.
* Learn Risk Mitigation with the help of Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall
* Configure Cisco perimeter edge security solutions that utilize Cisco routers and switches, and Cisco ASA Firewalls.
* Protect data going through a shared or public network infrastructure managing VPN solutions from Cisco.

What I will learn?

SNRS(Securing Networks with Cisco Router & Switches):-

1. Basic Router Security
2. Standard Named ACL
3. Controlling Telnet Access & SSH
4. Extended ACL
5. Dynamic ACL
6. Reflexive ACL
7. Time Based ACL
8. CBAC (Context Based Access Control)
9. ZBPF (Zone Based Policy Firewall)
10. MQC (Modular QoS CLI)
11. Blackhole Routing using PBR
12. NAT TCP Load Balancing
13. Stateful High Availability NAT
14. NAT Virtual Interface
15. TCP Intercept
16. NBAR
17. Netflow
18. Routing Protocol Authentication: RIPv2
19. Routing Protocol Authentication: OSPF
20. Routing Protocol Authentication: EIGRP
21. Routing Protocol Authentication: BGP
22. Route Filtering with EIGRP
23. Route Filtering with OSPF
24. Route Filtering with RIPv2
25. Control Plane Policing
26. Control Plane Protection
27. Management Plane Protection
28. Disabling Requisite Services
29. Controlling Device Access
30. CPU Protection
31. Selective Packet Discard
32. Controlling Device Services
33. Transit Traffic Control with Flexible Packet Matching
34. Congestion Management
35. IOS File System Security
36. Network Telemetry Identification & Classification of Security Events
37. BGP TTL Security
38. IPv6 Selective Packet Discard
40. DHCP Snooping
41. Dynamic ARP Inspection
42. IP Source Guard
43. Preventing VLAN Hopping Attack
44. VLAN Access Lists
44. VLAN Access Lists
45. STP Protection
46. Protect Broadcast Storm
47. Preventing IP Spoofing
48. Port-Security
49. SNMP
50. IP Options

ASA(Adaptive Security Appliance):-

1. Hardware, IOS Upgradation& ASDM
2. Basic ASA Configuration: Interfaces, Security Levels and Ether Channel
3. ASA Fundamentals: Access Control Lists
4. Licensing of ASA
5. Packet Processing
6. Understanding Connection Profiles
7. Routing in ASA: Static, Default, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS
8. ASA Management (Local & Remote)
9. NAT Basics in ASA: Object NAT & Twice NAT
10. Static NAT
11. Dynamic NAT
12. NAT Exemption
13. Static Policy NAT
14. Dynamic Policy NAT
15. Bidirectional NAT
16. Modular Policy Framework
17. FTP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP & ICMP Inspection
18. Virtual Firewalls (ASAv)
19. Redundant Interfaces
20. Multi-Context Firewall
21. Active-Standby Failover (Single Context)
22. Active-Active Failover (Multi-Context)
23. Transparent Firewall
24. Threat Detection
25. Time Based Access Control
26. Qos: Priority Queuing
27. QoS: Traffic Policing
28. QoS: Traffic Shaping
29. QoS: Prioritization
30. SLA Route Tracking
31. DHCP
32. URL Filtering
33. Troubleshooting with Packet Tracer, Capture Tools &TCPDump
34. Firepower installation
35. FMC Integration
36. Policy Implementation in Firepower
37. FTD Installation & Basic Configuration
38. FTD: Policy Enforcements
39. FTD High Availability
40. Integration with AMP, ISE &Splunk

VPN(Virtual Private Network):-

1. Next Generation Encryption & Hashing
2. IPSec suite
3. VPN: Connection establishment (Packet Level)
4. AAA for Network Access
5. VPN Implementation in ASA
6. Group Policies
7. Configuring User Attributes
8. Integration with External Servers for AAA & Policies
9. SSL VPN: Overview
10. Deployment of Anyconnect VPN & Troubleshoot
11. Authentication Strategies: CRLs & OCSP
12. Authorization with AAA & DAPs
13. Anyconnect Integration with Cisco Secure Desktop
14. Anyconnect High Availability
15. Clientless SSL VPN including Authentication Strategies & DAPs Authorization
16. Customizing Clientless Portal
17. Clientless SSL VPN High Availability
18. Cisco VPN Client
19. Easy VPN: Authentication, Authorization & High Availability: Client, Network Extension Mode without & with
20. Introduction of IPSec Site-to-Site VPNs including High Availability with Mechanism i.e. Packet exchange b/w peers
21. LAN-to-LAN Tunnel without NAT-T
22. LAN-to-LAN Tunnel with NAT-T
23. Point-to-Point GRE
24. Encrypting GRE Tunnels using IPSec
25. Native IPSec Tunnel Interface with S-VTI
26. mGRE Tunnel
27. DMVPN (Phase 1, 2 & 3)
29. Configuring Router as a CA Server
30. Flex-VPN: DVTI – SVTI
31. Flex-VPN: Server – Client
32. HA (IPSecStateful Failover) &QoS
33. Call Admission Control for IKE
34. IPSec Load Balancing (ASA Cluster)
35. Troubleshoot VPN Connectivity

Identity Management with ISE(2.1) & ACS(5.8)

1. Privilege Levels
2. AAA
3. ISE Installation
4. Registration with Self-Signed & CA-Signed Certificate
5. AD Integration
6. Backup & Restore
7. Network Access with Radius
8. Device Administration with TACACS+
9. MAB, Profiling & Probing
10. Dot1x (Wired & Wireless) using EAP, PEAP & EAP-TLS
11. CWA (Wired & Wireless Meraki: BYOD)
12. LWA
13. Posture Validation
14. Trustsec (NAC Agent & Web Agent)
15. Macsec
16. Integration of Splunk with ISE
17. Integration with WSA & ESA
18. ACS Installation, Bootstrapping & AD Integration
19. Command Authorization
20. TACACS+ User Authentication & Authorization
21. IOS Authentication Proxy
22. Authentication Proxy on ASA
23. 802.1x Authentication with ACS
24. Super Lab – 1
25. Super Lab – 2


1. Basic Installation including DNS & Routing
2. WSA Identities & Access Policies
3. AD Integration
4. User Authentication
5. Custom URL Categories
6. Application Visibility & Control
7. Web Reputation
8. Transparent Proxy with Router, Switch & ASA
9. ESA: Spam Filtering
10. Deployment of IPS & NGIPS

Future JOB Scope:

Upon completion of which one can target the career pathways to become:-

* System Security Engineers
* Network Security Administrators
* Network Security Support Specialists
* Network Security Engineers
* Network Security Consultants

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