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  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

    • What is Cloud
    • Why Cloud?
    • Types of Cloud Deployment Models
    • Types of Cloud Services
    • Future of Cloud Technologies
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud

  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    • What is AWS?
    • How to Subscribe for AWS account
    • What is the AWS Free Usage Tier
    • AWS Certification
    • Introduction to the AWS management Console
    • List of services given by AWS

  • EC2

    • Instance Type
    • Instance life cycle
    • Differences between reboot, stop, and terminate
    • Building an EC2 windows and linux instances
    • To install instance in public and private subnet
    • Security via Key Pairs
    • EC2 Class and VPC Security Groups
    • Managing Elastic IP’s
    • Pricing model in EC2 instances
    • EC2 with Amazon command line interface

  • Networking Services

    • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Amazon Route 53

  • AWS Managed Services

    Amazon CloudWatch
    • Amazon CloudWatch Architecture
    • List of services monitored by CloudWatch
    • Collect and track metrics
    • Monitoring memory and disk Metrics
    • Monitoring logs, Graphs
    • Set Alarms
    Cloud Formation • Building AWS infrastructure as a code
    • Design a template
    • Create a Stack
    • Create a Template from your Existing Resources Cloud Trail

  • S3, EBS

    Amazon S3
    • What is object Storage?
    • Data as objects
    • Lifecycles of S3
    • Managing Buckets
    • Accessing S3 storage via tools
    • Creation of a static website using S3 storage

  • Deployment and Management


  • IAM

    • Identity Access Management (IAM)
    • IAM Features
    • Getting Started With IAM
    • Creation of user, groups, roles
    • Managing policies
    • Credential Report
    • IAM Console and the Sign-in Page

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